Developers Alliance: The Next Challenges for the EU Mobile Economy

The Highs and Lows of Developing for a Digital Europe

This event will focus on the state of the mobile economy in Europe. Data shows that the ecosystem is thriving, for the benefit of consumers, business and investors. Such a growing and innovative space needs an enabling regulatory environment to continue to prosper. Come and join us for a discussion with developers and decision makers about the future of mobile innovation in Europe.

Mobile Innovation Day

Europe’s mobile economy is a hotbed for innovation - driving growth, and jobs and enabling millions of consumers to access the world’s information while they’re on the move. What is needed to ensure this mobile ecosystem remains competitive and innovative in the future? What policies can boost the impact of mobile on the wider economy and remove barriers to future growth? Join app developers, business leaders and policymakers at an event to discuss ways to power growth in the mobile economy....

November 14, 2016 · Mobile Innovation Day (Brussels, Belgium) · 1 min · Ash Davies