Droidcon Berlin: This Year in Android

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been: This Year In Android

The Android community is a fast evolving society of excellent people who passionately involve themselves in their ecosystem. This means the progress of developments can be fast, blazingly fast! Inspired by other content creators and newsletters that keep us informed about the most recent events, I decided to document news, events, and releases every week for a year. Starting from the end of Droidcon Berlin, the world’s best Android developer conference....

Droidcon Berlin: Beyond the Mockery

Beyond the Mockery: Why We Should Embrace Testing Without Mocking Frameworks

In software development, mocking is a popular technique used to simulate dependencies and test behaviour without relying on external systems. However, as with any technique, there are pros and cons to using mocks. In this talk, I’ll discuss why using mocks may not be the best approach and why we should instead use fakes or in-memory implementations of well-defined interfaces. We will explore the drawbacks of mocks, including how they can lead to brittle tests, slow down development, and make it difficult to refactor code....

Berlindroid: Demystifying Molecule

Demystifying Molecule: Running Your Own Compositions for Fun and Profit

Molecule is a library for turning Composables into Flows. But how does that happen? And why would you want to do such a thing? And why not? In this talk, Ash and Bill will dive a bit into how Molecule does what it does, and help you understand where, when, and how you should use it.

Droidcon Berlin: Hype Driven Development

Hype Driven Development

Ever wondered what it would take to combine all the experimental features of a language you love (Spoilers… It’s Kotlin!) into one big bundle? I’m a lover of new and shiny stuff, so let me share with you my experience of using everything shiny, and new, in my pet project, to show you how to not do all the things you might want to do with yours! JetBrains Compose for Desktop, Unstable Coroutines APIs, version catalogues, Gradle composite builds, multiplatform navigation support, multiplatform paging, GraphQl, Firebase Cloud Functions, Molecule, Mosaic, what could go wrong?...

Droidcon Berlin: Everything is an API

Everything is an API

When creating a new app module, or modularising an existing one, it becomes easy to forget who might be consuming it. It becomes easy to forget that every decision you make will affect how it is used, or in the worst case, abused. We’re told that code should document itself, but how do these design decisions reflect in the understanding of intended use? Just because we might not be exposing a module as a public or open-sourced library, doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from making good decisions towards an effective and sensible API....

Droidcon Berlin: Navigation and the Single Activity

Navigation and the Single Activity: Learnings from a Skeptic

Fragments have often been controversial, and to some, the stuff of nightmares, with the inconsistency of lifecycle events, complex UI interaction, and unexpected behaviours making many Android developers suspicious of their usage. But with the development and recent stable publication of the navigation library, it may be the right time to give them a chance. Giving Fragments a second chance is not something I’d ever thought I’d be saying, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to find a solution to sharing data across a single screen....

Droidcon Berlin: Leveraging Android Data Binding with Kotlin

Leveraging Android Data Binding with Kotlin

Android Databinding is considered as both a powerful toolchain, empowering your views with access to view data without the necessity to build cumbersome presenters, and conversely as an overly complex, convoluted mess of binding statements opening the door to unnecessary, irresponsible domain logic in your view layouts. Whilst the latter of these statements can be true, Databinding offers a very powerful code generation syntax, allowing you to utilise the power of the compiler to ensure that your binding statements are runtime safe....

July 27, 2018 · Droidcon (Berlin, Germany) · 1 min · Ash Davies
Droidcon Berlin: Rx Must Die

Rx Must Die

Is the learning curve of Rx too steep? Do we overuse Rx Java? Is LiveData an alternative? Do Coroutines and Kotlin build-in features make it obsolete? The Context: Episode 21: Rx Must Die

July 27, 2018 · Droidcon (Berlin, Germany) · 1 min · Ivan Morgillo, Joannes Orgis, Hasan Hosgel, Ash Davies