Droidcon London: Refactoring and Test Fakes

Refactoring and Test Fakes: Crafting Resilient Code with Confidence

Crafting resilient code is one of the most important things we do as software developers, but it’s much easier said than done! Building with confidence requires an appropriate test harness and automated safeguards to ensure your software is robust. In most real world scenarios, we don’t have the luxury of working with a green field project, so it can be difficult to apply best practices whilst maintaining legacy code. How then can we refactor, and effectively utilise test fakes appropriately?...

Droidcon London: Demystifying Molecule

Demystifying Molecule: Running Your Own Compositions for Fun and Profit

Molecule is a library for turning Composables into Flows. But how does that happen? And why would you want to do such a thing? And why not? In this talk, Ash and Bill will dive a bit into how Molecule does what it does, and help you understand where, when, and how you should use it.

Droidcon London: Everything is an API

Everything is an API

When creating a new app module, or modularising an existing one, it becomes easy to forget who might be consuming it. It becomes easy to forget that every decision you make will affect how it is used, or in the worst case, abused. We’re told that code should document itself, but how do these design decisions reflect in the understanding of intended use? Just because we might not be exposing a module as a public or open-sourced library, doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from making good decisions towards an effective and sensible API....

Droidcon London: Preparing Your App for Google Play Instant

Preparing Your App for Google Play Instant

Android Instant applications are becoming increasingly available, and thanks to the work from the Android platform team can already be installed on devices running Android Lollipop or later. As an application developer for a large application, or one with plenty of untested legacy code, preparing an application that might be tightly coupled into a single module requires us to carefully de-tangle and move concerns to independent modules. This talk covers how we managed to prepare our application for instant apps by breaking off base elements and isolating essential key features into self-contained, independent modules, with all the difficulties that this entails and how you can avoid the common pain points and pitfalls....

October 26, 2018 · Droidcon (London, United Kingdom) · 1 min · Ash Davies