Droidcon NYC: Beyond the Mockery

Beyond the Mockery: Why We Should Embrace Testing Without Mocking Frameworks

In software development, mocking is a popular technique used to simulate dependencies and test behaviour without relying on external systems. However, as with any technique, there are pros and cons to using mocks. In this talk, I’ll discuss why using mocks may not be the best approach and why we should instead use fakes or in-memory implementations of well-defined interfaces. We will explore the drawbacks of mocks, including how they can lead to brittle tests, slow down development, and make it difficult to refactor code....

Droidcon NYC: Demystifying Molecule

Demystifying Molecule: Running Your Own Compositions for Fun and Profit

Molecule is a library for turning Composables into Flows. But how does that happen? And why would you want to do such a thing? And why not? In this talk, Ash and Bill will dive a bit into how Molecule does what it does, and help you understand where, when, and how you should use it. various social media embeds.

Droidcon NYC: Implementing the Paging Library

Implementing the Paging Library

The Android Paging Library makes it easy to integrate complex paging behaviour, gradually loading small chunks of data at a time to help reduce usage of network bandwidth and system resources. The library allows you to implement this behaviour using compositional components in a decoupled architecture making your code more reliable, scalable, and testable. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use familiar components such as LiveData or RxJava to interface with your existing architecture....

August 26, 2019 · Droidcon (NYC, New York, USA) · 1 min · Ash Davies