It’s a familiar story, it’s a Monday morning, and your PM gathers the team together, ready to brief you all on the new, latest and greatest feature to grace your app, solve all your user woes, and bring in countless five-star reviews! You get excited! Why wouldn’t you? This is why we got into this in the first place right? To build exciting and shiny new things, and feel pride when we see our users enjoying the fruits of our labours.

But when you see the design, your joyous smile fades, your world turns dark once more, such wonderous hope and promise, gone, and replaced with another soul-sucking endeavour. Why? Why does this happen to us? What did we do in our past lives to deserve this? Y U NO MATERIAL?!

It doesn’t need to be this way. Learn how to share the joys of material design with your design and product colleagues, and how to best pitch the benefits of a truly native mobile design with user affordance compliancy, effective navigation patterns, usable usability. And just as importantly, understand why this happens, why the perceived market audience looks like your chief executives, and how to make use of statistical data to sway your colleagues.

Your next feature need not be an iOS carbon copy.